Bad Mommy by Tarryn Fisher


Title: Bad Mommy

AuthorTarryn Fisher

Series: N/A

Genre: Contemporary, dark, new adult, suspense

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Publication Date: December 24, 2016

My Rating: 4 STARS


When Fig Coxbury buys a house on West Barrett Street, it’s not because she likes the neighborhood, or even because she likes the house. It’s because everything she desires is next door: The husband, the child, and the life that belongs to someone else.


“You have to voice your thoughts so you can know you’re not the only one who’s fucked up.”

Cycle when reading Tarryn’s book:

  1. Wait for so long
  2. Dream of them
  3. Consume them in just a day or two
  4. Brush off everything
  5. Then I want her books to hit me where I want it most.
  6. Repeat

What I like about this book are the characters. It is creepy, fascinating and in most cases it hits close to home, something like you can relate on. Fig and Jolene are such an interesting characters, including Darius, each one of them has a psychological issues. Though some are more alarming than others.

I like Fig. I know it is insane to admit, but I love her. I love reading a book with unrealiable narrator. I knew from the start that Fig was going to be the kind of character you could not trust, but I never expected just how much fabricated. She is one of the most psychotic character I have ever read from the outlook of, but yes I love her. The things she did, every girl at some point has thought of a few of them, but she followed through on every crazy, creepy and sneeky little thing. I was drawn to the crazy, to her holding Jolene on pilar to the point of madness.

I also like Jolene and her very dominant characteristics, her friendliness and her craziness. However Darius annoyed me. There is no better way to put that.

The book from the beginning to end was uncomfortable to read, yes, what would you expect from an author like Tarryn? I felt trapped, suffocated and entirely confused by the characters and by their actions. I was left with an ending that is absolutely open to interpretation, this book eat me for days but that does not mean it was not good. Tarryn Fisher’s incredible literature kept me turning the pages, the intrigue delighted me and kept me reading the craziness, it is kind of book that you just have to know the ending.

The three different point of views were a nice touch but part three and Fig’s characters are no doubt my favorite. Hats off. I was absolutely invested and connected by this point. I was quite consumed from that point on.

Bad Mommy is very Tarryn. Fans will not be disappointed. I highly recommend this one. Why? Because this book does not fit into just one genre. It does not follow any similar storyline to her previous ones. It will leave you guessing and fall to one side or another. You will love it or hate it, but the thing is that you will not be able to put it down. You will question your own life, you might have to “Fig out” a bit about Tarryn’s personal life, but mostly you were left questioning the reality of the three by the characters and messed up time that they shared together.


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