Hashtag Team Building

Due to the fact that my mom originated from the North. I have lost track on how many times I have been there. I was only 7 years old when I first saw Baguio, which is the only place other than La Union that I have already visited. So finally, in my almost 30 years of existence, I am going to finally see and spend time in Pangasinan! Yey!

Bolinao, Pangasinan is known for its pristine beaches, their ‘bagoong’, caves, and lighthouse. So after work, the whole Team Bingo headed downstairs to wait for our rented van, around past 12 noon when Kuya Jonathan arrived.

(ctto) waiting for Kuya Jonathan
(ctto) Pots, Eunice, me, Sirius, Jemelle and Kervin

We stopped over in Tarlac for our late lunch around past 2pm.

(ctto) Sashi, Kervin, sleepy April, Jenny, Maki and Ate Myles @ Mcdonalds Tarlac
(ctto) Jem, Trish, April, Sirius, Flor and Jemelle

You will need a lot of patience because of a usually long 7-hour trip and since Kuya Jonathan was not quite familiar, we turned left to Alaminos instead of turning right to Bolinao. We ended up going to Patar, Mabini instead of Patar, Bolinao. Nevertheless, it was still a fun-filled experienced because of the whole team!


photo grabbed from Stella’s FB page

Around past 8 pm when we arrived at Stella’s Place Beach Resort  a place owned by one of my teammates, Flor’s cousin based in the US. We also met Tita and Tito, parents of the owner. They were very accomodating, they even toured us in their american inspired house.


We ate our dinner at a local restaurant called Panan-ili it is located in front of Puerto Del Sol, their food is one of the best, most especially their Kilawin/Kinilaw.

After dinner, we drove back to our place and settle our stuff, we took a bath and decided to take a walk around the shore, it was breathtaking, I totally did not expect it.

Past 10 when Jemmelle, my roommate and I decided to take a rest. Since we were awake more than 24 hours, we also needed energy for our activities the next day.

Around past 6am, Flor woke me up asking what I want for breakfast because they were going to buy foods for the whole day. I told her anything is okay and coffee would be the best:

and finally, brunch is served!


the looooong wait is over, it’s showtime!!!!

(ctto): Enjoying Stella’s Place Beach Resort

After enjoying the beach at Stella’s Place. We decided to go to Patar White Sand beach

(L to W) Maki, Jenny, April and Kervin
Cheers to more team buildings!

We also decided to take pictures around Bolinao Lighthouse.


If you are planning to visit Bolinao on your next vacation, you can reach Stella’s Place here.

The rocks, the waves, the place and the clear water – such a bliss. It stimulates our desire to take a lot of pictures!

Indeed a nice trip with the whole team. We all went home tired, but it was all worth it. We were happy and satisfied.

to more travels,